Be careful with stereo signals !

High volume recording :
Simplified presentation

Right channel onlyCutterhead topCutterhead left channelright channalCutterhead right channel

right channel

Groove will disappear !

Left channel onlyCutterhead topCutterhead left channelleft channelCutterhead right channel

left channel

Groove will disappear !

StereoCutterhead topCutterhead left channelStereoCutterhead right channel


Groove will disappear,
if too much stereo effects get recorded !

MonoCutterhead topCutterhead left channelMonoCutterhead right channel


No Problem ! ! !

Maximum Stereo or
Mono 180° phased
Cutterhead topCutterhead left channelExtremest Stereo: Mono 180 phasedCutterhead right channel

mono 180 phased

Big problems !


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