Maximum Groove

This limits are fixed of
the geometry of the cutter stylus and
the speed of the record.

Therefore this is valid for any cutter !



Views from above.
Increasing amplitude (volume), sinus mono. Same frequency.

no volume
low volume
high volume

The volume gets louder and louder.

too high volume

This groove is not possible !
Cutter stylus would get slowed down by the previously cut groove !
Much distortions will be the consequence !

This accounts for every frequency !

higher frequency

No way out !

The higher the volume, the steeper the amplitude.
The higher the frequency, the steeper the amplitude.
Both, real high and loud impossible.


You can stretch the curve !

strech groove

Record and play with higher speed !
This will reduce the problem, but will not eliminate it !

Highest speed occurs at the beginning of the disc.

Tracks with sharp attacks and high trebles at the beginning !


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